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Obviously, if you have noticed, there are no posts visable here.

My blog here is friends only, so if you want to be added, just post it here, and I can see about adding you.

Strange Dreams...
It is not often that I remember what I dream about, but when I do it is usually because it is way out in left field...

Last night, I was had a dream about Anthrocon. Everything was pretty normal, until I got invited to a room party. For some reason, the hotel room was huge. Like, small ballroom huge. Hung out, had a good time, and then the party got Daleks. However, instead of just going on an extermination rampage, they joined the party. The last thing I remember from it was waking up to find some Daleks rather intoxicated, and rolling around with little Anthrocon flags protruding from their gun stalks.

Looking back on the last End of the World
So, everyone knows of Dec. 21, 2012, and how the world is supposed to end. But remember May 21, 2011?
Back on that day, the Rapture/End of the World was supposed to come, at about 6 PM.

The funny part about that whole thing was, the timing of a storm system that decided to make its way through.
I remember, because it occurred during FAU:4, my first con. Of all things, it happened to be post-apocalypse themed. Well, that Saturday, the world was supposed to end.
And what happened, right about 6 PM?

The sky got dark
The winds blew up
The rain poured
The thunder crashed

...and 15 minutes later, the sun came out.

It had to be one of the most hilariously timed weather events. It could not have been anymore perfect.

So, that's what I want to see this year. Bring on the weather and other 'signs', to see how people react, then clear up and go on its merry way.

The Fandom in One Word
Recently, I have seen how when the cry of help rings out, this fandom is ready to jump to action, to answer. Whether it is the local business owner who welcomed us with open arms, stood up for us, and is now facing tough times with keeping the doors open; or if it is someone who lost their loved ones, through a car accident or fire.

All that matters sometimes is that someone is in trouble, and needs help. And I have seen firsthand how people are willing to take time to listen to a message, to read a journal, to donate what they can. Do they know the people? Maybe not personally, but there is one thing that matters: They’re part of the community.

From the dictionary: “a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists”

Community: that is my word for the fandom. We are a distinct social group. And like other communities, we work together for the good of our members.

If you had one, single word, by which you would describe the fandom, which would you choose?
What word do you think describes this fandom in your mind?

Please take the time to share your thoughts below:

Christmas Cards
It is getting to be that time of year again, and I've got my own cards to send out for Christmas.

If you would like to receive a Christmas card, please respond with the following:
Name and Address
Name you would like to be addressed by in the card

Comments are screened, so only you and myself will be able to view the comment.
There are a limited number of cards for the year, so I may not be able to send one to everyone, but I will try.


Convoluted Song Lyrics
I stole this idea from skippyfox.

All the lyrics here are from songs, however, these are not the original. You have to decode these, and post the name of the song and author, to win. Won what? I will figure that out later on. Comments will be screened.

As an example, (from the last journal of this type):

'I bid you adieu, mademoiselle national pastry. I reached the embankment in "America's best truck" only to find it was empty.'

Decoded, this becomes 'American Pie', by Don McLain.

So, with that out of the way, here are your clues:
(There are 11, and you need them all right to win)

1. I find both humour and sorrow, that within my subconscious imagery, those foretelling my demise are among the grandest.

2. The ancestral birthplace of my father, the language of my mother, guiding me astray without shame. For many moons I put my faith in error, that extreme disdain was the direction for me.

3. The fallen angel took a trip to the American Southeast. He was looking to purloin a spiritual essence.

4. I sent you two different words of salutation. I am myself. I am a fugitive from justice.

5. We did not begin the initial combustion. I repeat, we were not the ones to begin it, but we did show resistance to it.

6. Take your supplement, originally known as ‘Kalium’, and get your cranial protection.

7. When I do an inward reflection of myself, I can visualize a vital organ becoming the colour of anthracite.

8. I plead with you; do not take my female counterpart.

9. We are to the center-point of our destination, surviving on a religious request.

10. He was male, she was female. Do I need to make any further clarifications?

11. The after-dusk hours, spent in light coloured, soft clothing. Forever failing to reach completion.

I will include hints along the way:

Hint #1: One of these songs is translated, and became an internet sensation in the early 2000's.

Super Bowl Commercials
This year the commercials were really lacking. There were a few good ones, but for the most part they were a real disappointment.

[b]Although, nothing beats the #1 ranked commercial from the Super Bowl's History:[/b]

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