Looking back on the last End of the World

So, everyone knows of Dec. 21, 2012, and how the world is supposed to end. But remember May 21, 2011?
Back on that day, the Rapture/End of the World was supposed to come, at about 6 PM.

The funny part about that whole thing was, the timing of a storm system that decided to make its way through.
I remember, because it occurred during FAU:4, my first con. Of all things, it happened to be post-apocalypse themed. Well, that Saturday, the world was supposed to end.
And what happened, right about 6 PM?

The sky got dark
The winds blew up
The rain poured
The thunder crashed

...and 15 minutes later, the sun came out.

It had to be one of the most hilariously timed weather events. It could not have been anymore perfect.

So, that's what I want to see this year. Bring on the weather and other 'signs', to see how people react, then clear up and go on its merry way.